Recipes (English) Slat Koji (Shio Koji)

Salt Koji + Onion = Natural MSG

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This easy 5 min recipe will show you how to make Onion salt Koji (Shio Koji) sauce.
This sauce is a magical. It makes everything so tasty! Once you make this sauce, you won’t need any veggie/ chicken stock cubes anymore. It is alternative to MSG (but 100% natural and good for your guts!!), your meal will be full of Umami flavour and your dining room will be a five star restaurant!

Highly recommended!

You can use it for
+ Omelette
+ Pasta sauce
+ Soup
+ Fried rice
+ Noodle soup
+ Stir fry
+ Marinade
+ Dressing


Basically for anything!


  • 100g Onion chopped
  • 100g Salt Koji


  1. Put onion and salt Koji in the blender.
  2. Blend it until smooth.
  3. Put it in a clean jar. Put the lid on, but do not close tight so that the sauce can breath.
  4. leave it for 4 days (summer)- a week (winter) at room temperature.
  5. Mix well once a day.

You can add this sauce as like salt/ stock cube during cooking.

If you’d like to watch this recipe on Youtube video, click here 🙂

Bon appetit!



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